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About Take Action

Throughout Escambia & Santa Rosa Counties in Northwest Florida,

community members "Take Action" to make a positive impact on the mission to end domestic violence.

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Every person in our community is touched by domestic abuse. Our goal is to come together to support each other and end the cycle of intimate partner violence in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties. Knowledge is power and this fall, we will empower our neighbors with life-saving knowledge.


The Take Action campaign highlights important issues:

  • What forms abuse takes.

  • How to respond in abusive situations.

  • Teaching teens and young adults what healthy vs unhealthy relationships look like and how to set healthy boundaries.

  • How FavorHouse helps people safety plan, heal, and build a life after the trauma of abuse.


The Take Action campaign also calls attention to the need for community support and investment so that FavorHouse can always be here to meet the needs of those in crisis due to domestic violence. With 1-in-3 women and 1-in-4 men having experienced or are currently experiencing abuse by an intimate partner and an untold number of children witnessing the violence, only the funding provided by our community enables us to meet every individual's needs. We need community investment to provide the 24/7 service of being there for every person who needs us, at the moment they need us.


We will advance philanthropy in our community by providing tools and tips for fundraising. The tools and knowledge community members gain by participating in the Take Action campaign will empower them to help fund all of the causes close to their hearts, which in turn builds a stronger, safer, and more unified community.


With these goals in mind, Take Action to End Domestic Violence is a month-long comprehensive campaign which offers a variety of ways to get involved as a community member.


Thank you for "taking action" with FavorHouse and supporting the mission to end domestic violence.

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