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Paw-di Gras Photo Slideshow

Paw-di Gras 2023

FavorHouse of NWFL is excited to be a part of the 2nd annual Paw-di Gras, where our pets get the chance to take to the streets with all the flair of Mardi Gras! This event takes place in downtown Pensacola on Sunday, Feb. 5th 11:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

We know how important our fur babies are and we understand not wanting to leave a cherished pet behind when trying to escape an abusive relationship. That is why FavorHouse emergency shelters are pet-friendly! You don't have to choose between your pet and your safety.

Did you know?

Threats of Animal Abuse Make it Harder to Leave Abusers

According to, Because survivors are emotionally attached to their pets, it can be more challenging to leave a relationship when animal abuse is involved if they aren’t certain they will be able to take their pet with them. While on average, it can take a survivor up to eight tries to leave, when animal abuse is involved, it can take as many as 50 incidents before a survivor even calls the police.

52% of survivors in shelters leave their pets with their abusers.

- National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

71% of women in
domestic violence shelters report their abuser threatened, injured, or killed a pet

- National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

As many as 25% of survivors will return because the abuser is using their pet as a means to get the person back.


50% of victims stay in abusive situations rather than leave their pet behind.

- Carlisle-Frank, Frank and Nielsen, (2004). Pets as Pawns.

FavorHouse Nominated

for Brand on Us competition

sponsored by id group.

Special thanks to everyone who voted for us during the public voting portion of the competition! Because of you, FavorHouse was honored to received 54.8% of the total votes!

FavorHouse was one of three finalists. While FavorHouse ultimately did not win the Brand On Us competition, we are pleased to have been nominated and happy for the winner, Central Gulf Coast Freedom Schools.

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